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your mother and my penis




Today on textboard.lol we are discussing your mother and my penis.
Everyday I take a fat piss in your mothers mouth. I wake up with a full bladder and empty my balls of steamy hot piss right into her sweet mouth urinal.
After that, ill have my morning coffee, and shower and go for a jog.
When I get home i'm always in a good mood knowing your mother will be waiting for me knees to the floor mouth wide open anticipating her next warm mouthful of piss.
As I work on my computer, to pay the bills for the house that your mother and I live in, she is always underneath my desk being the little cock whore she is. As I sit there and do my daily tasks I am constantly edging my cock in your mothers soft throat. It is only when the work day is over that I give myself the sweet treat of releasing in your mother mouth.
And as the day goes on ill have her make me dinner and piss in her mouth when needed. Then I usually retire to my chair where I sit there with your mother at my feet awaiting my hot warm fresh piss. I watch my show and enjoy my beer, and when I have to urinate oh its so convenient. Your mother, is right there at my feet, looing upto me with those sweet eyes of hers, mouth open, ready, for my delicious piss.
Once I have had enough entertainment for the night, I take a shower and go to bed. I usually bring a cup of tea and a cup of water with me to the bedroom to enjoy while I get cozy an incase I get dehydrated in the night. Now, your might say, "don't you have to pee in the night drinking all that tea before bed?" to that I say no no. For your mother, bless her soul, is there sleeping by my side if I need in the night, awaiting her next hot steamy delicious warm serving of my piss.






also tea has caffeine which can be dehydrating you fucking moronic faggot piece of shit. Your father impregnated your mother only out of rage and the urge to rape her. He was in a drunken fit when he struck her, knocking her down, and began having his way with her. He left once he finished, taking almost all the money and food with him. Your mother, unable to afford birth control, was forced to have you. She worked as a prostitute, making 10 bucks a day. She contracted various STDs, almost all of which you pass on to you. She died at birth, for that poor yet retarded soul had just lost her only purpose in life -- a means of reproduction -- after you became a fully independent organism. You grew up in an orphanage where your master violently raped you every evening. You hated it. But you were powerless. At 10 your liberal brainwashing facility -- or public school -- told you about the made up difference between sex and gender and "educated" you on sexuality. Thinking you were a faggot after all of those years of rape, you cut off your penis and join a faggot parade. The bright colors attract your feeble mind, and you are drawn in to the brainwashing. You get depression. You cut. You eat too much and you vomit. You begin to starve, voluntarily. You wretched faggot. You live in the filth of your shit. You disgust even the most desperate rapist. So weak that you can't even tie the know to hang yourself with. And what do you decide to do? You get my mother and piss in her mouth.
And I say that is HOT!



My Mother The Animation 01



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