Extremely comfy textboard.





daily reminder that 3ch.one is the greatest website of all time and any post made elsewhere is a post wasted




>any post made elsewhere is a post wasted
Per your statement, you wasted your post, retard. GTFO to your lynxchan deployment.



this nigga really hates lynxchan LMAO




>greatest website
>Uses .one domain
>Fucking cheap Jew
Stop niggering



I adore lynxchan since it's a great piece of software. I despise retards who claim their garbage, running with third-party engine, cheap ass domain name and non-existing concept, to be the greatest board ever. These retards aren't even close to understand that to attract some users they need to offer some unique value, not spam every board on Earth daily.



at least i have software that doesn't spit out xml parsing errors when someone tries to post



That's exactly because such retard as you don't have it. It's owned by a guy named Stephen Lynx and he is a competent web developer.



you think people care that you wrote your own textboard? cudan offers zero additional functionality over existing imageboard/textboard softwares.
people just want an uncucked site with moderation that doesn't merge or delete posts they don't like



I do care that's why this website exist. If no one else cares, no one else posts. But that's not the case, cudan has more posters than yet another amateurish lynxchan deployment.

Why? No idea. But probably something in the cudan engine works.



dude chill. its just me and like 4 other people and its like the same 4 people here and everywhere else you go on the internet






Off by one.
Why so many 3ch shills? Your site's shit and the admin is clearly retarded.
At least the hikari3 admin uses a decent theme.



Driving on the Interstate or on one of those "miracle mile" four-lanes with traffic lights every one-quarter mile and a repeating Fred Flintstone backdrop of WalMarts, McDonalds, Oil Change Places, and big-box lumberterias, is no fun. People drive like assholes, as if they are late for an important meeting, when in reality, they have nothing going on in their lives.

And hey, I get it. That was me at age 25 or so. Driving fast was a thrill, and when you are young, you seek thrills. When you are old, you want to avoid pain and death - and after a few wrecks, you realize that shaving ten seconds off your commute time isn't worth dying for.

What I noticed in our recent trip was that that people drive poorly and selfishly, and as a result, cause others to slow down to accommodation their whims - and the overall result is that traffic slows down - sometimes to a crawl, sometimes to a halt.

What sort of habits am I talking about? Let me do a listacle of seven (an arbitrary number) of bad habits:

1. Flooring it to a stop sign/red light: We are traveling along a four-lane or two-lane road, lined with American fast-food shops and big-box stores. Every tenth of a mile is a side-street. Cletus in his clapped-out pickup truck is approaching from a side street, going 10 MPH over the limit. A sign indicates "Shady Acres Trailer Park" where he no doubt came from. He approaches the stop sign at full speed and applies the brakes only when he hits the cross-walk.

From our point of view, it appears that Cletus is about to run a stop sign and plow into our camper. Since we are towing a trailer, our stopping distance is diminished. So we slow down until we see Cletus actually stop - which is indicated by the severe nose-dive in his old Chevy as he hammers the brake pedal to the floor. This is the way he normally drives - foot to the floor on the gas, foot to the floor on the brakes. There is no modulation in-between.

Now, Cletus drives this way, thinking he will "get there faster" but the only thing he got to faster was the stop sign. And since his asshole driving made us slow down (to anticipate his running the stop sign - something he no doubt has done more than once) Cletus has to wait longer for use to pass by. If he just slowed down, anticipated the stop, he would have saved wear on his brakes (getting 50K out of a set of pads and rotors instead of 25K) and saved gas as well. If he bothered to look, he would have seen us coming and then anticipated the stop such that he could have pulled in behind us in an even flow of traffic.

But since he wanted to save ten seconds, he wastes nearly a minute and moreover, slows down traffic on the main road, as everyone slows down as it appears he is about to blow through a stop sign (or red light). He finally pulls in behind us, guns the engine, and passes us (just barely) and we catch up to him at the next stop light. And the next stop light. And the next one. And so on.

Driving like an asshole doesn't "save you time" and in fact, it slows down the whole traffic flow.







Spear them