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I'm a complete porn and pornstar addict.




I get so weak every time I see one. What's worse is that I'm the exact type of beta that Blacked targets. I hate it, but it triggers me so hard every time. I'm really trying to quit. I've been clean for a few days. But I don't know how I can resist pornstar perfection for much longer



I can't understand what porn addition is. You jerk off once and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

It's harder when you have a wive or GF and you need to plan your masturbation accordingly. But it's quite manageable. if you have experience.

Do you jerk off 10 times a day or what?



Believe it or not there will a cum a day when you will burnt out even on Blacked.



I believe that wanking is a symptom of boredom. There are other causes, but boredom is the main cause for me. Not OP btw. I suggest you do something like find a job.
I know OP is LARPing.