Extremely comfy textboard.

3E XEKNH PYCCR (real russian)




Why is do Russians have a substantial presence on textboard and imageboards?
They seem to be one of the leading countries behind such platforms besides America and Japan.



cuz russkies are based



Though Soviet Union lost the Cold War, it was second after American in technology development, including computer engineering field.

Russian language is the second language on teh internets by popularity, why don’t you expect them to be massively on the boards?



There just seems to be a substantial amount compared to other languages, such as French or Spanish.



Yeah, but Spaniards and French are too shallow to use boards.



the west is in decline, not just culturally but also technologically. zoomers in the US were the first generation to be raised entirely on the smart phone. their tech IQ is on the level of the baby boomers instead of the millinials where they should be by now. it's sad really.

but that's the adaptive cycle for you. boom and bust. just like rome. nothing lasts forever. there will be another renessaince era. but we have to go through another dark age first unfortunately.



Sorry for ruining the conspiracy, but the West is not in decline at all. The US is still the most powerful country that would smash either Russia or China in war (of course, if we don't take nuclear weapon into account).

The US is still a leader in technology. You can build iPhones in cheap chink fabrics, but your technology and capital are American.

I guess the only serious problem of USA is inner conflicts, e.g., with nigger minority. But I don't think it could destroy such solid government as America.

For example, Russia is much much weaker as a state, we can see it from the latest news that some parts of Russian armed forces turned their weapons against Moscow overnight, lol. In fact, this shows that Russia is even less solid than 'failed state' Ukraine that transformed into ruthless military dictatorship during the year BTW, fully sponsored by 'declining' West.