Extremely comfy textboard.

You are hacked




Good day.

Who am I?
I'm a professional pentester and I infected your system when you visited website for adults...
I have been checking your activity for more than 1 month.

What am I talking about?
My malware allows me to enter your system. It's a multiplatform virus with hidden VNC. It works on iOS, android, windows and MacOS.
It is crypted so your AV can't detect it, I clean its signatures every day.

What do I have?
I could turn on your camera and save all your logs.
I have all your contacts, social media data and chats with your friends, colegues etc.
I collected information that can ruin your reputation.
I have a video with your masturabtion and the video that you was watching. It's awful...

What do I want?
I will publish this record and your life will be destroyed if you don't pay $1000 with bitcoins.
Use this bitcoin address: 15PUhTsLmfmcXXbwNnxCwsjbad66bxanBZ

How can you pay me?
Use google to learn how to buy and spend bitcoins.

What are my rules?
I have 3 rules
If you share this message your reputation will be ruined.
If you don't pay your reputation will be ruined.
If you try to trick me your reputation will be ruined.
I give you no more than 50 hours from this moment to complete the deal.
Don't waste your time. I can't be tracked down and nobody can help you so don't think that somebody can help you if you complain.

She Bitch.



LOL this is clearly fake because I was castrated when my lawnmower cut my balls off and I cannot masterbaute!
Also the nonyl adult sitse i visits are bankning!
NO I will NOT pay you!