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Yet another pedophile joke...




Q:How many pedophiles does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: I don't know, I think they'd rather screw in an unmarked van.



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i think i need a layer.

so i live on the outskirts of Campbelltown, Australia. it was just above freezing last night. we have propane for heating and ran out of gas. i am a single father of 35. my lovely girl is 6. both of our love language is touch. so its not uncommon for us to snuggle on the sofa watching movies. she loves classic horror movies that are so bad they are funny. anyhow, it got cold last night, so she came and slept in my bed with me. the worst possible thing happened. idk how to say this without it sounding like im a pedo. i woke up around 6am this morning from a wet dream just as i was cumming. we were spooning, my dick hard, between her thighs, out of my boxers.
i immediately jumped up, got her up and into the shower and told her to just wash and rinse. i changed the sheets and we crawled back in bed. with shorts buttoned and zipped. over lunch i explained to her that sometimes even adults wet the bed still and its perfectly natural and uncontrollable. and that she should never tell anyone about this because even though it happens, 'it doesnt happen to adult'. she seemed to accept it for now. should i find a layer? what should i do. i dont want to lose my daughter. she is my world. i am NOT attracted to children. i like women with plenty of curves