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Quit talking about Reddit and all of that other boring shit.




All of the social media bullshit of the past decade has sort of trained us towards a narrowly-focused, all encompassing hypersensitivity, which leads us, without realizing, to continuously tread the same old ground. Always fighting the 'culture war', even when there's no one around to directly fight against. I mean, which Redditor is going to actually find a site like this?

I think part of healing the Web after a decade or so of stagnation involves making a break from the current stagnant culture.What I often see on small sites like this is a sort of 'shadow conformity' where we are defined by our defiance to the mainstream, rather than making a clean break from it. A bit like how 'MGTOW' will always show up on a video to complain about women. In a way they are still mentally enslaved by women.

I think it's a shame that many people make themselves places online where they can do anything, practically anything, and then devote that server space to closely observing the bowel movements and tectonic shifts of the social media world.



Ever heard of 'Mean World Syndrome'?


Apparently it's an effect where people think that the world is more dangerous and twisted than it really is,due to heavy exposure to violence and bad behaviourin the media.

I think it must be very high these days since Social Media puts us always within easy reach of bad news.



Depressed people actually see the world closer to how it really is.



Mean world syndrome isn't about people who are depressed, it's about people who watch too much CNN and Fox News.



Depression is a myth.



silence redditor.