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What is a women




Don't give your woke bullshit!



A human being with vagina.

A human being with penis is a man.

With both vagina and penis — hermaphrodite.



I don't get how wokie-talkies don't see contradictions in their gender-bender ideas.

Let's say gender is a social construct. I actually agree that social roles for men and women are defined by society, but this is not necessarily bad.
Then what? We throw away societal layers, we get biology and biologically human bodies are very binary in sex sense, only idiots will deny that men and women have different hormone proportions that strongly define their behavior as well as appearance.

Okay, body doesn't matter, they say. But then what? Pure spirit is androgynous, or better to say, completely non-sexual. How can someone imagine that spirit has some kind of gender/sex, if gender/sex is defined only by society and biology? WTF? This idea is so ridiculous in itself that doesn't even need external arguments to disprove it.



A woman is a human being with 2 X sex chromosomes and is born with breasts and a vagina. She has a different skeleton than that of a man among many other features, such as size of hands and waist.

A man with implants, cut off his dick, uses hormone replacement therapy, or otherwise declares himself to be a woman is merely delusional and very confused.



According to feminist theoretician Simone de Beauvoir, women primarily fullfill four societal roles: wife, mother, old woman and prostitute.
Traditional female socialization compels women to enter marriage and forego economic independence.
Sexual reproduction leaves women vulnerable both economically and hormonally.
The economic disadvantage resulting from marriage and motherhood makes old women particularly dependent on their family and wider community.
In addition to this, women are also expected to present themselves as the object of male sexual desire. Conformance to this role would be the axis along which liberal society measures the womanhood of transwomen.