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what the fuck is wrong with zoomers ?




They weren't bullied enough



The world told them that they could be whatever they want to be and that nothing mattered anymore. They have also rotted their brains due to modern internet, because it's all algorithms and shit breaking their attention span and critical thinking skills.

I mean they are RETARDED. Look at this moron try to figure out how to open a can! https://is2.4chan.org/ck/1684618662452240.webm




>ayo lmao thats cap bro frfr cans r for boomers tho lol get yo stanky ass post outta here
I was quite sad when I realized how much misinformation by nephew had "learned" from TikTok.
You can't get any worse than TikTok. That thing is the absolute climax of shit.
But who knows, maybe the future will bring something worse.
I genuinely believe that 4chan is better than that app.