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My dilemma: to build a gaming PC or to buy a high end gaming laptop. Each option has its pros and cons.

What would you recommend cudan? And why?



If you are going to travel a lot and want to continue gaming, then I'd say a laptop.
If you are probably never going to move it, a desktop would probably be better.
I've been using a desktop for quite awhile and have an extremely cheap ($57 used) backup laptop that I've rarely used for the past 4 years without any problems.
I just think that you should consider which is more practical depending on your situation.



Yeah, the thing is I will move soon from the apartment I rent now and then I'm planning to move to other state a bit later. Not sure, when I will be settled, TBH.

If not this, I would buy a PC without a second thought, it's cheaper and more upgradable. But transporting it often between different locations could be a pain in the ass.



I think that a laptop would be better if you wanted to say bring it into a coffee shop and do stuff there for a bit.
A desktop can be a hassle when disconnecting all the wires and making sure that it doesn't break while moving, but I think in the long term it would be a much better option because, as you said, it's cheaper and upgradable.
Note that I have a bias for desktops.



Buying monitor couple years ago was the best event in my computer decade and since then I use my current laptop as a desktop workstation 90% of my screen time. It's connected to monitor, mouse, keyboard. So, PC is the option for my computer habits.

Shit, I'm not sure again, maybe, transporting desktop would be fine, in addition to the monitor.



If you already use your laptop as a desktop workstation 90% of the time, then I would recommend buying a desktop and keeping your old laptop as a backup or something that you can easily access when moving around.
So I guess my response is buy a desktop, keep the old laptop, but the decision ultimately lies on you.




>So I guess my response is buy a desktop, keep the old laptop, but the decision ultimately lies on you
I'll stick to this for now. Desktop is an ultimate computer experience: for gaming, but also for many interesting things like data hoarding.



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