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Silicon Valley




There’s nothing wrong with the place that can be fixed with aboveground nuclear weapons testing.



Why do you dislike it?
Tim Cook is a very smart man.
I always trust him to do the right thing.
I am a serious Apple™ customer and purchase all of their high-quality products that I can afford.
I am a upper-middle class liberal who always buys into Apple™'s products because I know that I am getting the best product out there.
Apple™ supports my coming out as a transwoman (applefan/applefer/appleself) and as a gay.
Apple™ give their customers a high amount of freedom with their products, allowing them to download software securely through their App Store™.
I also use Apple™'s iCloud™ to keep all of my data safe when my Apple™ computer breaks down after I do something wrong, because Apple™ computers definitely don't kill themselves for absolutely no reason besides to generate more revenue for Apple™.




Unironically iPhone is better than Android phone, because Apple is not interested in selling your data.



I don't think Apple is nearly as much of a data hog like Google & friends are, but my main reason for my dislike of their products is their effort to build a walled garden, such as requiring an Apple ID to use an iPhone, sync between Apple devices but creates difficulty when sharing files between non Apple devices, requiring MacOS in order to use Xcode, etc.
Modern macbooks seem to kill themselves, but my 2010 "gaming" macbook pro still works, though very slowly.




>my main reason for my dislike of their products is their effort to build a walled garden
I don't like this shit, too, but I think you are exaggerating a bit. I use Ganoo/Linux as my main OS and have no issues with iPhone. I exchange files via Signal, lol.
>Modern macbooks seem to kill themselves
Definitely not. ARM Macs are great for anything but vidyas. They will eventually take over, being preferred by women, console gamers, as devices for wagecuckery, etc.