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I regularly visit a masseuse and I'd like to somehow show her my dick, but more in an "accidental" way. i was thinking of getting some sort of boxershorts that are wide enough, so my penis can slip out of the leg or maybe there are some tight boxers made out of such a thin material, that an obvious silhouette will be portrait, or a material that even is slighty transperant. but whenever I search for such thinks online i only find such underwear in fetish-shops, which then is way too transparent, or way to short, so that my intend would be obvious.

to be clear, i don't want to get bare naked in front of hear, or turn the massage into something sexual and i definately dont want that the situation will seem threatening to her. i just like the idea, that she has seen my dick. probably because she is way older than me and i like that somehow.

i have also thought about getting some regular loose fitting boxers to sew the legs shorter or to get some female boxershort that have tight fit and lack the dick pouche, so the penis will be clearly visible.
Does anyone have any experiences with wearing female underwear as a male or any ideas for me how to approach this?



Look, I'm just gonna tell you now that chances are, the masseuse will be very grossed out by that and may refuse to massage you again.
Unless that is your intent, to gross her out.
What do you hope gain from doing this?



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