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incest should be a considered a way of physically showing siblings and other family members how sex works. We're at the point were it is normalized by majority of people, and at the stage where it could be legalized.

Breeding another family member can cause conflict but casual sex, dating or kissing can be perfectly fine.



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Inbreeding reduces genetic variety, which creates a less genetically diverse group and increases their vulnerability for disorders and diseases, both genetic and viral.
It's also just fucking disgusting and is a poor excuse for you niggers to exercise pedophilia.

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OP didn't talk about breeding, only sex.

The disgust you feel for incest is made up, naturally animals don't give a fuck if they breed mother or sister.

There's an idea that taboo on incest made human kind more competitive among other species since it avoided inbreeding therefore developed better genes. This idea seems right to me.

However, modern medicine offers so many options for birth control that this taboo is kinda outdated. If, for example, adult brother and sister want to make love without reproducing, what's the problem? Let them live how they fucking want.



Care to explain why my disgust for incest is made up?
Accidents can happen, and kids may not use a condom correctly or at all.
This will give rise to pedophillia and sexual abuse, with dad "teaching" his daughter about sex four times a day.




>Care to explain why my disgust for incest is made up?
I've explained that in the same post. Incest taboo is culturally made up by some smart ancient humans or proto-humans, it doesn't exist naturally among animals including apes.
>Accidents can happen, and kids may not use a condom correctly or at all.
I'm not talking about non-adults or about "practical sex education of parents", it's more like an erotic fantasy of OP.

But as for mere incest, it's not harmful if no reproducing occurs, and shouldn't be rejected that much by society.


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