Extremely comfy textboard.

Intro thread




čudan follows kareha in many aspects, the core functionality is merely based on it. However, the point of this engine's existing is that the main composition has been modernized.

Some outdated elements could've been modernized, but they are kept, because they have sovl (e.g., Email field, XML feed). Sovlless retro-elements are removed/updated (e.g., full width text, light theme).

At the end of the day, here's what čudan offers in addition to traditional Kareha:
- tag-based thread navigation
- thread stats and dumps in subback page
- dark (fancy? gay?) theme
- responsive design
- code syntax highlighting -- empowered by prismjs
- short-links to external threads (e.g. @64383fc150739) and posts in external threads (e.g. @64383fc150739->2)
- Atom feed instead of RSS feed (not a great modernization, we know)

Also note that the engine is really raw for now. Maybe, we'll add more features, when we rest and get some more inspiration, or just out of necessity.

In respect to social side, this BBS will try to provide as much freedom of speech as possible. Of course, illegal content will be deleted, as well as other things that prevent normal forum functioning (spam, wipe, etc.). Mistagging will be fixed.

Basically, čudan is another one western 2channel clone that is not intended to be massive. Enjoy it or go away.