Extremely comfy textboard.

About čudan

čudan (read choodun) is an anonymous forum, the type of website known on the West either as a textboard or as an anonymous BBS.

Anonymity allows focusing on a post without being distracted by an identity of a poster. This indeed produces a strange and unique kind of community, chaotic, profane, but satisfying by its honesty.


Anonymous bullet-in board systems are in fact "temporary autonomous zones" as defined by Hakim Bey. There is an irrepressible need in such zones for people who don't belong to conventional society (i.e. normies) for one reason or another.

As autonomous zones in cybernetic space, anonymous BBSs are extremely accessible. There's a good point since anyone can participate from anywhere in an instant (definitely not the case for most TAZ of yore). However, the flood of newcomers inevitably ruin the original intention, even 'spirit', from inside. People name dates like September 1993, 2008, etc. that could be provided as an example.

But, well, there's "temporary" for a reason.

WTF am I reading?!

So, this textboard is an answer to the degeneracy of popular imageboards noticed recently not only by the admin of this website.

Anonymous BBS is not instagram or tik-tok. Formula "lust-provoking image + irrelevant time-wasting question" shouldn't exists, but it does.

If one component of the formula is taken away, will it further work?

Let's find out!


In respect to social side, this BBS will try to provide as much freedom of speech as possible.

But, of course, illegal content will be deleted. No CP, no illegal drug ads, etc.

Other things that prevent normal forum functioning will also be handled, including:

Misusing the textboard's features will result in a permanent ban.

Note that čudan uses an experimental anti-shitpost system: threads that don't receive replies are considered stale and are purged in 72 hours. Remember to get your (You)'s!

User Guide

Most probably you already know all basic features of anonymous BBS.

Let's just confirm this board has them, too.

Posting regulation

Put some of these into Email field to modify default posting procedure:

čudan supports simple tripcode.

Put Name#test into Name field and you'll get Name!.CzKQna1OU.


You can reference other posts in your message. They will be automatically hyperlinked.


Message text can be outlined in several ways.

Code syntax can be elegantly highlighted within code blocks:

$truth = "PHP is the C of web";
echo $truth;
$truth = "PHP is the C of web";
echo $truth;

URL hyperlinking is disabled completely.

We have some code to enable YouTube embeds, but we're hesitating. Plain text is comfy.


Let me guess, you need more.